Atlas Star Pharmacy

Atlas Star Pharmacy

Atlas Star Pharmacy aims to provide customers with quality medication and pharmaceuticals in order to ensure a quick recovery and healthy lifestyle, supplying clients with medical, cosmetic, and other healthcare accessories.

The pharmacies belonging to the group at  Al Nahda and  the ones coming up adjacent to our various clinics provides patient centred cost effective care through a health care system. The pharmacy staff provides excellence in pharmaceutical care at a level  that meets the needs and expectation of patients in such a manner as to promote their health and wellbeing. The pharmacies provides comprehensive  services to all areas of the clinics where patients are treated with medications.

The extended hour pharmacy in the premises of our medical centres has almost all essential and critical medications. The pharmacy delivers the highest level of pharmaceutical service through effective financial, operational, clinical, therapeutic and regulatory expertise. Medications are selected , procured, delivered, prescribed administered and dispensed to the patients to produce desired outcomes of patient care.The pharmacy works in cooperation with the physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to ensure the provision of rational drug therapy and to provide direct patient care / education.

Various services provided by the pharmacy include:

  • DISPENSING :To ensure that the right medications are dispensed to the right patient as prescribed by the doctors with minimum waiting time.
  • LABELLING : writing clear instructions to the patients on when and how the medications are to be con summed for best results.
  • PATIENT COUNSELING : Interaction between pharmacists and patient to ensure that drugs are use in the safest and most effective way possible and to encourage appropriate self-care.
  • PATIENT EDUCATION : Advice and educate the consumers on the safe and effective use of prescription and over the counter medications.
  • DRUG INFORMATION: Provides information about the composition, strength and other related information on drugs to physicians, nurses and other professionals.


Sundos Building, Ground Floor
Al Nahda 2,Dubai
United Arab Emirates.
Phone: 04-2838300
Fax: 04-2838301


9AM to 11PM (Saturday to Thursday)


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